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Connect Cash Services keeps clients' cash flowing through it's commitment to service

You’re frequenting a local nightclub, enjoying the sights, sounds and entertainment on offer. You reach for your wallet to patronize the bar only to find no bills tucked within its folds. So, you head to the ATM next to the lobby for enough cash to grab a beverage or two and leave a nice tip for your friendly bartender. If this scenario sounds familiar, you've likely used one of the dozens of ATMs Connect Cash Services (CCS) has deployed across the Lower Mainland. With almost 20 years of experience under its belt, CCS is the province’s largest provider of private ATMs and adjacent services. With major clients like the Great Canadian Gaming Corp. (operators of River Rock Casino and the Hard Rock Casino), downtown Vancouver’s Edgewater Casino and Cactus Clubs across Canada, many cash-hungry customers have likely used a well-serviced CCS machines without realizing it. The lengthy history of the ATM provider is intermingled with the career of its founder and CEO Farhad Walji. After spending the better part of a decade working his way up the corporate ladder at the Royal Bank of Canada, Walji made the move to start his own business in 1998. And with that drive, his financial knowledge and a single cash machine, Connect Cash Services was born. During the time CCS was a just one-man operation, it was Walji’s commitment to prompt, attentive service that won over increasingly prestigious businesses. His determination and integrity set him apart from others in the industry, and clients quickly took notice. 

”Being relentless in the pursuit of my dreams while remaining loyal and maintaining my professional integrity have been key in the continued success of this company,” he says. That long-term dedication to service is still the main mission at CCS—that’s what differentiates them from competitors. Walji and the rest of the team pride themselves on operating its business with integrity, particularly in an industry where exploitative deals can be the norm. He’s a firm believer that “slow and steady wins the race,” when it comes to scaling his company and his team of skilled professionals, which allows CCS to continue to offer industry leading response times.

“The newly appointed, carefully selected CCS team members have been instrumental in ensuring we remain competitive in the white-label ATM market,” Walji says. “Our meticulous hiring practices and scaling plan have well prepared us to acquire significantly larger clients and has already allowed us to exceed our own goals.”

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